Yanira “Nira” Ortiz
Love, love, love their bbq chicken pizza! I'm an addict! Lol!
Mohamed Aisset
Good prices excellent food
Kayla N/A
Good pizza. The grilled chicken taste amazing. Highly recommend. Friendly employees. The owner is kind and Understanding.
Gisselle Nieves
Love love the service and the food🤗
Kayla Klump
Great food great service and they are sold out for delivery and they have lunch specials
So glad I found this place after many attempts of trying to find a good pizza place. The service can be different everytime but the food is always good and the pizza is amazing. The prices are really great. I would totally recommend this place to anyone
Just tried the Large Cheese pizza from this place for dinner. Hands down the best pizza in Allentown. Dough was cooked through, no excess flour on crust. Sauce was delicious. Cheese was really good, nice and stretchy. Not oily. Pizza was for me and my 5yr old. I added a bunch of seasonings to my half of the pie. Turns out I didn’t need any of that stuff after taking a bite of my son’s slice!!! Delicious, delicious, delicious. Oh and the large pie was only $9.30. A whole large 16” delicious pizza cooked to perfection for only $9.30!!!! Staff were also super welcoming and friendly!